1996年にLAにて『コンテンポラリー/オルタナティブなメンズウェア』をコンセプトにSarcastic Clothingはスタートした。ストリートブランドというカテゴリーを超えてモードやサブカルチャーを大胆にアイテムに取り入れ、世界中の好感度セレクトショップから取り扱いのオファーを受けている。ブランド名を冠したミュージックイベントの主催、世界で活躍するクリエーターやブランドとのコラボレーションで注目を集めている。


Sarcastic Clothing originally founded in 1996. The focus of the brand was and is alternative contemporary menswear and it played a part in the pioneering of the street fashion movement of the 90’s. Since this was a developing market at the time, sales and distribution were focused in Japan and select US and European locations. The success of Sarcastic led to the opening of the brand’s flagship store in Harajuku from 1999 to 2004. As the market started to grow in America, Sarcastic Clothing took a hiatus while the designer did work for a few established contemporary brands. Currently Sarcastic Clothing with direction of the original designer, continues with limited items and is selling to select shops in Japan.